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We are hosting for all International patient from all over the world to receive medical care and treatment of a standard of quality in suitable cost. We provide the platform for all things related your healthcare travels and established itself as the most innovative medical tourism company in India. India’s medical tourism sector is growing at a quick pace. Innumerable people from diverse and remote corners of the planet have benefited from the medical services provided in India.Unbeatable expertise, world-class doctors, numerous years’ of experience and best hospitals help us to lead in the field of medical tourism in India.Dermatology Vascular Surgery,General Surgery,Cosmetic Surgery,Gastroenterology Orthopedics / Joint replacements (Bone/Joints) Physiotherapy & rehabilitation ENT, head & neck

Why Choose us in Medical Tourisms

  • 1. High Quality of medical service : Midas have contact with only best hospitals in India, so we will help you to choose a medical institution specialising in the treatment and diagnosis.
  • 2. Low costs of surgical interventions : We are committed to full financial transparency which is provide you any time, we will help best treatment that is cost efficient.
  • 3. Assisted reproductive technologies or other medical services
  • 4. 24*7 Assistance.
  • 5. Trustworthy and legal : will be insured against unforeseen medical expenses, occur during the period of your hospital stay.

Aim of the Midas

Our main purpose to provide you best quality Diagnosis and Treatment like

  • 1. Diagnostic : Define the stage and prevalence of Pathology, Peculiarities, Clinical Course.
    • Reduced Cost of Treatment.
    • As soon as introduce good quality care to you.
    • For the treatment of rare diseases.
    • Reproductive treatment
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  • 2. Medical : Receive healthcare services:
    • Conservative therapy
    • Invasive Manipulation.
    • Surgical Operation, Rehabilitation Measures.
  • 3. Health Tourism : Includes aesthetic, Plastic surgery, Dental Manipulation, Health retreat.

Specialty Medical Services

  • Heart Sugary
  • Spine and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Organ Transplant
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Cancer Surgery
  • PCNL Surgery
  • Liver Transplant
  • Surrogacy
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  • Air Ambulance
  • Ground Ambulance
  • Visa Application
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Travel Services
  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking

Receive the Query for medical treatment, we get back with the various option available for that procedure in India.

After the process initiation, medical report and prescriptions of the patients are request, which are sent to various hospitals for the expert reviews.

We mail you and recommendations of the various super specialists along with the approximate cost and likely duration of stay required for treatment in India.

The patient reviews the recommendations and selects the hospitals for the treatments

Our representative will receive you at airport in India and facility your consultation with the medical expert you can overview the medical expert you can overview the medical facilities at the hospital, where your treatment will take place.

Welcoming you India, we touch with you constantly until all formalities done and our team always with you during the concerned hospital. You check in to the hospital and start receiving your desired medical attention. Besides the treatment, you may pre & post-operative care and other consultation, in your Package.

Hospital receiving your desired medical observation. Besides the treatment, you get Pre-operative and Post-operative care and other consultation, in your package.

Once your treatment is done and you are fit and healthy, you may enjoy the tourist destination in India or if you want to go back to your home, at your convenience. We ensure you are well attended after, from your arrival till departure to your Motherland.