Healthcare Industry is ready for a disruption and we all can be part of this, Globally majority of Doctors are based in Urban Locations or Developed Cities, In India alone more than 650 million people have access to very minimal Healthcare Services.

Shortage of Healthcare Professionals is one of the major reasons of Loss of Life in the world, we are keen to create a Social impact and create healthy living conditions in rural and remote locations.

You can Be an OGA, if you are a Doctor or a Healthpreneur. Major Benefits in working with us:
  • Practise anywhere
  • Monetize Time Effectively
  • Provide Valid Prescription
  • Digital Record available on cloud anytime.

Being a Doctor you can apply to work with us in your off time, we will get you patients at your premise using our Telemedicine setup Midas will compensate you for your services.

Being a Healthpreneur you can own eClinics at remote rural locations for which we will provide you the complete setup and our Panel of Doctors would serve your Patients. You can access the MIS reports to see the profitability whenever you want.

To be a part of us please email us on